Garage doors are a necessary component of every home. They provide security and privacy in addition to being a great way to store your belongings when you’re not using them. However, they can also have their own problems that need solving.

This blog post will discuss 5 common garage door issues you may experience with your garage door: dented panels, safety sensor-related issues, broken springs, squeaky garage doors and more.

Don’t Let Your Garage Door Worsen Over Time

In the event of a malfunctioning garage door, it’s important to know the underlying issue and how to solve it. Some problems are more serious than others, depending on where the damage occurred. An example of this would be having a damaged garage door or broken springs which can cause severe issues, especially if they are not repaired immediately. 

That being said, let’s look at some common garage door issues that homeowners may face.

Broken Spring  

If you happen to open/close your garage door without first manually locking it in place before attempting so, there is a risk of its springs getting damaged as well as other components due to too much pressure being put onto them. It’s considered good practice to always manually lock your garage door before using the automatic opener to prevent such accidents. 

Replacing broken garage door springs can be very dangerous and it’s best to call an expert.

Damaged Panels

Garage doors are often exposed to harsh weather conditions, which can cause them to become dented or even broken over time. If this happens, you’ll need to have a professional look and potentially replace the panels altogether.

Malfunctioning Safety Sensors

One of the most important features of a garage door is its safety sensors. If these stop working for some reason, it could result in the door closing on someone or something, which can be dangerous. In most cases, repairing or replacing the safety sensors is all that’s needed to get them up and running again.

Noisy Garage Doors

One of the most typical garage door problems is that they can start to squeak over time. This is often caused by a lack of lubrication or dirt and dust buildup. To fix this, you will need to clean the door’s tracks and apply some lubricant where necessary.

Slow Operation

If your garage door is taking too long to open or close, there may be an issue with the opener. This might be due to many factors, such as a lack of power, incorrect settings, or even a faulty motor. In most cases, this can be fixed by simply adjusting the opener’s settings or replacing the motor altogether.

These are just a few instances of the kinds of issues you could have with your garage door.

Garage Door Repair Experts You Can Trust

If you are experiencing any of the following problems, or another one that isn’t listed here, make sure you call a reliable garage door repair company. Southwest Garage Doors gets it fixed as soon as possible, whether you need garage door replacement or just a few repairs, know that Southwest Garage Doors is there to help you.