Your garage door is the largest and most visible moving part of your home, and it can be incredibly frustrating when it’s not working. It can stop working due to different factors, including a broken garage door spring. 


Springs are essential for the functionality of your garage door; if they’re not working properly, they can cause all sorts of problems. But what are the causes of a broken spring? And why is it important to repair them right away? 

This blog post will look into everything you need to know about garage door broken springs. Continue reading!

Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

The most common causes of a garage door broken spring are:


  • Wear and tear
  • Rust
  • Weather conditions
  • Improper installation
  • Overloading the door

The Different Types Of Springs


Once you’ve discovered the cause of your garage door springs breaking, the next step is to repair them as soon as possible. But before repairing it, you should know what kind of spring you have.


There are 2 different types of garage door springs:


  1. Torsion Springs: Garage doors typically have either one or two torsion springs. These springs are above the garage door, and twist and wind as the door opens and closes.
  2. Extension Springs: Garage doors with extension springs are located on either side of the garage door, and they stretch out and contract as the door moves.  


Once you’ve determined what type of garage door spring you have, you can start the repair process. Garage door spring repair is a delicate process, and it’s important to leave it to the professionals.

Importance Of Keeping The Springs In Good Shape


Getting your springs repaired by professionals will give you the peace of mind that your garage door system is in good hands. Also, if they’re not handled properly, they can cause bad garage door functionality.


Here are some advantages of hiring professional services to keep them in good condition:


  1. You can save money in the long run 
  2. You’ll avoid an unexpected breakdowns 
  3. You’ll keep your garage door running smoothly 

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