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composite, a way to make a statement

Looking to make a statement in your neighborhood? You're on the right page, these options will truly make your neighbors jealous.

Composite Barn Garage Door Design

Carriage garage doors are a beautiful way to make a statement on your home, whether it’s large or small. Barn doors are sure to help you stand out as a remarkable home in your community.

These classic doors are warm and inviting and add an extra layer of charm to your home and can be personalized through the color of wood and the hardware. Carriage doors are one of the most unique and customizable garage doors available.

For those who want a more secure garage door, this style can be obtainable through a steel door with a strong wood grain finish.

The primary thing you’ll want to consider is the mobility of the door as some rise up while others swing, slide, or fold open. Depending on the layout of your house and driveway you may only be able to use a style that rises up, so be sure to think about this before making a purchase.

You’ll want to be sure the quality of wood being used in your door as you want something durable and sage. Our experts at Southwest Garage Door can help you in choosing the right look

Composite Barn Doors


Grand Harbor






Canyon Ridge


Canyon Ridge Limited Edition

Veiw your door before you buy

Use the door imagination system

Other Manufactures

Model: 9800 Fiberglass


Model: Steelhouse


Model: Overlay Carriage House


Model: Carriage Court


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