Safety sensors are intended to avoid accidents caused by automatic garage doors, which have resulted in major vehicle damage, as well as injuries and deaths among humans and animals. They’re a part of the garage door opener’s automatic mechanism.

Garage door sensors come in a variety of setups, each of which might cause a different set of problems. Sensors for garage doors are attached to the track or the wall. If a sensor fails, the door may halt and reverse for no apparent reason, open but not shut, or flash a light on the sensor, an overhead component, or the wall panel.

They send an invisible beam over the door’s length to identify impediments that might prevent the door from opening or shutting properly. If the beam is broken, the door will not close. This safeguards your garage from being damaged. In addition, it protects your pets, visitors, and family. To ensure that sensors are working effectively, they should be examined on a regular basis. 

How to Identify Malfunction

When they work properly, garage door safety sensors should detect any obstructing object and stop the closing. If the door doesn’t stop closing when an object is on its way or if it stops when nothing blocks it, it means that the sensors aren’t in good working order.

Normally, these issues could be solved just by cleaning. However, if you have already cleaned them and the problem persists, it’s time to call the pros.

Another factor that could affect garage door sensors is solar interference. Although living in a sunshine area has its advantages, garage door sensors don’t respond well to misdirected sunlight. This is because sunlight gives off a stronger infrared light than garage door sensors, which causes the sensor to overwhelm and disrupt the connection.

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Sensors may appear to be a minor component of your garage door, but they are crucial to its correct operation and safety. For assistance with your safety sensor difficulties, call Southwest Garage Door now.

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