Garage doors frequently become misaligned. The tracks that the door slides along can wear down over time, making it difficult to open and close the door without assistance. Off-track garage doors are a nuisance because they take more effort than usual to operate.

An off track garage door also poses a safety risk to your and your family. It’s critical to get it fixed as soon as possible to prevent these risks.

Keep reading if you want to learn what could be causing your doors to go off track or fix the issue. We’ll go over a couple of things to consider and how to fix them

Reason Why Your Garage Door May Have Gone Off-Track 

Knowing why your garage door went off track will help you avoid the problem in the future. Enter your garage, take care to secure your safety, and examine the tracks on either side of the entrance. With just a quick visual examination, you should be able to discover the problem.

It’s common for garage rollers could come off their tracks for the following reasons: 


The most common cause of garage door track failure is driver collisions. Even hitting the door lightly may force it off its rails or cause misalignment.

Lack of Lubrication

It’s essential to check and make sure your garage door rails are lubricated. Without the proper lubrication, your rollers could get stuck and come off track.

Grime or Debris Obstruction 

Sometimes your door’s tracks will get filled with grime or other debris that might obstruct the rollers.

You Can Start to Attempt the Repairs

Once you have assessed the issue, you can attempt to get your rollers back on track if confident enough. 

The first step of this process is to disconnect the power from the door’s motor. Usually, there is a cord hanging near it that you can pull to engage in manual mode. 

Use vice-grips to secure the door while you work on getting the rollers back into track. You’ll need pliers to pry open the tracks so that the rollers can fit in.

Once the rollers are back in place, secure the track back with a rubber mallet to ensure that they can’t get out when rolling back. It helps to test the door a few times to make sure everything is working correctly.

Once you have done these steps, engage the motor, and your door should be ready to operate normally.

Get Your Doors Back in Rail With Southwest Garage Doors

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