Have A Noisy Garage Door? Here’s How You Can Stop It

Has your garage door been making weird noises? There are a few reasons why this may be happening. Not giving your garage door proper maintenance can cause it to stop functioning effectively over time leaving them as noisy garage doors. 

The causes for the doors to make noise can fluctuate, and some of them are associated with garage door panels needing to be replaced, garage door opener motor needing repair or replacement, a door scraping against your house wall, and so on.

Yet, in this article, we will help you understand effective ways to repair your garage door noise and stop it from continuing. 

Here Are Some Effective Ways To Stop Your Garage Doors From Making Noise

Despite the several factors that can affect your garage doors causing them to start making noise, there are some tips that can help you successfully deal with this, and in the best scenario, even get rid of the issue. 

Toughen All Parts

When it comes to garage doors, they can become loose over time due to everyday wear and tear, not to mention usage. So toughening all loose parts will help prevent them from coming apart and making noise. 

Grease The Rollers

With time, rollers can get rusted, causing them to make a vibrating noise that increases with time when not treated. Greasing all rollers will soothe the mechanism avoiding any sound it can make while it functions. 

Check The Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are prone to get the chains or belts loose, making a rattling sound. Checking them out will help you understand if they need replacing or lubricating. 

Routine Checkup

A regular routine checkup will definitely work and even help prevent your garage doors from making any noise. Regular checkups will not only help avoid any noise but also stop any possible malfunction. 

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