A garage door is an important tool to protect your belongings. It keeps your garage safe from thieves. For this reason, taking good care of it to maintain it properly working is a task that every homeowner should do.

Poor garage door maintenance can cause a lot of headaches, like an off-track garage door.

A garage door that comes off the track is one of the most annoying issues that a homeowner can deal with. Although no parts are in high danger, an off-track garage door can be an indicator of more serious problems.

If your garage door comes off the track, the first step is to determine how much damage was done. If you are able to pop it back on, there might not be any serious issues. But if you notice other problems with your garage door, such as malfunctioning sensors or bent tracks, it’s probably time for a garage door repair or a replacement.

Here are some reasons why garage doors may come off track:

  • Your car

Sometimes we aren’t lucky. While trying to get your car in or out of the garage, you may accidentally hit the garage door, knocking it off the tracks.

  • Bent tracks

Garage doors are kind of heavy. If your garage door tracks are old or made from low gauge steel, a small impact can cause the tracks to bend or break. 

  • Out-of-alignment tracks

If the tracks aren’t properly aligned, the door will not go up and down in a uniform way. Which can make the door to come off the rails at any moment.

  • Worn out rollers

Just as the same way of no aligned tracks, worn out rollers won’t let the door to open and close uniformly. Just one broken roll is necessary to damage your garage door tracks.

  • Broken lift cables

Garage doors typically have 2 lift cables (one for each side of the door). When cables are too old, there is a risk of cable breakage. When a cable breaks, the complete weight of the door is transferred to one side, driving the door to move sideways, which may cause the garage door track to break due to the sudden pressure.

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