Professional Barn Door Repair in Scottsdale, AZ

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Today, barn doors are deemed quite handy and beneficial for residential and commercial purposes. As a wonderful method to save space, maintain an open area, or separate rooms, their utility may be quite helpful for various reasons. Unsurprisingly, they’re sought after by so many homes and business owners alike.

Southwest Garage Door is a premium garage door company servicing all Phoenix residents. We provide quality garage door repair and garage door replacement. If you’re looking to improve your house with a modern barn-style garage door for your home, just let us know, and we’ll suit your needs.


Benefits To Owning A Barn-Style Garage Door

There are benefits of installing or replacing your current garage door with an elegant barn-style garage door. Barn garage doors are very useful because they can serve multiple purposes.

For example, you may use them as a storage area, as a way to keep your car protected from the weather elements, or even as an extension of your home’s living space. Additionally, they are also widely known because of their aesthetics. They can be seen in almost any type of home, both modern and traditional homes alike.

Adds Value To Your Home Or Business Property

A new barn-style barn door adds value to your property; it makes your home more attractive to potential buyers and also entices customers if you’re a business owner. Additionally, this type of door also makes a wonderful first impression.

Helps Insulate Your Property

Not only can barn-style doors add a lot of value to your property, nor are they not only about looks. These garage doors make excellent insulators for homes with lower quality windows or insulation as the door helps keep the cold or hot air from seeping in.

Aesthetically Pleasing And Modern

Our barn-style garage doors are very modern and aesthetically pleasing compared to the traditional-style garage doors. They add a unique charm to any property that’s sure to impress your guests.

Protects The Interior Of Your Home From Damaging Weather Elements

Garage doors are essential for protecting your entire house from rain, sun when you’re away on vacation or at work, etc. Barn-style garage doors keep out the elements while still maintaining an open feel.

Pick a Door That Fits Your Needs

At Southwest Garage Doors, we work with a variety of barn-style doors. You’ll get to pick between our 1-layer, 2-layer, or premium design—the 3-layer barn-style door. Each door comes in 5 different colors on a natural wood grain. However, if you opt for our premium barn-style door, you’ll get added benefits such as:

Three-layer construction means the door is built with a 26 gauge steel front and steel back with a layer of insulation sandwiched in-between.

9 standard colors and 4 Ultra Grain colors simulate stained wood doors without care.

Insulation options include 2″ or 1-3/8″ Intellicore polyurethane or polystyrene w/ R-Values from 6.3-18.4

Customize Your Barn-Style Door

When you purchase a barn-style door from us, you’ll have different paneling styles available to match your property’s aesthetic. You’ll be able to choose from short panel glass tops, solid top panels, long panel glass tops, and many other styles. We’re the #1 garage door replacement company in Phoenix to help you pick the best garage door for your home.

Aside from paneling, we also have different decorative door hardware to pick from. Your detailing can have nails, hinges, plates, handles, and other additional decorative door hardware.

Renovate Your Property’s With Brand New Barn-Style Garage Doors

Southwest Garage Doors is the company to call when for garage doors. We offer affordable and efficient barn style garage door repair, replacement, and installation. With over 8 years of experience and many accreditations, you know you’ll be making the right choice for your property.



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