Does your garage door sag and pop every time you open & close the door? Light gauge doors quickly develop cracks. Call us right away! Your garage door could be saved for a reasonable cost!

Already Tired Of Your Damaged Garage Door?

Does your garage door sag and pop upon opening and closing the door?

Don’t waste your money on DIY fixes and call the garage door experts instead. Garage doors are made of various materials and come in several different shapes and sizes. Fixing a crack in a garage door can be a time-consuming, expensive and complicated task. In many cases, a crack cannot be fixed at all. It’s possible your metal and vinyl garage doors could be welded, however, lighter gauge metals will not hold a permanent weld repair.

Southwest Garage Doors have some tips and tricks if you need options to keep your garage door in working order.

The first option is to try the installation of metal struts. A strut attaches to the inside of the garage door, running the full length of the door. The replacement of a strut will not fix a crack, but it will allow for reinforcement to prevent further cracking and the door to function safely. However, the addition of struts will affect the door weight and requires the replacement of the door springs to accommodate the heavier load.

If the cracks in the door are too severe, there are other options to consider. Locate the model number and manufacturer of the original garage door and research potential replacement parts, including a new panel. You should also be able to find a sticker located on the inside of the garage door or the panel sides with identifying reference materials on it. However, it’s not unusual for the manufacturer and model number to be missing or hidden, with even a trained technician unable to locate it. The missing information makes it almost impossible to find the correct panel to fit the door. It is much easier to find and replace a panel for a wooden door as opposed to a metal door, if and only if, the panel is available.

It’s usually less of a hassle and equally as cost-effective to replace the entire garage door rather than piece together parts. It’s also less frustrating than trying to go through the process of replacing the struts and springs and feverishly trying to locate a sticker that may not be viable. You could end up self-welding on a panel that may not hold due to the gauge of the material. It may be possible to fix a crack in a garage door but is not easy, cost-effective, or productive.

Need help with that noisy, cracked and damaged door? Book an apponitment with Southwest Garage Door to get it repaired today!


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    Cracked Garage Doors

    • Call us right away for your damaged garage door repair!
    • Do not go to Home Depot and attach random objects to the door to try to fix it. This may fix it for a short period of time, but can actually make the problem worse and costlier to repair.
    • A newer crack could be an inexpensive fix with the help of an 8ft-18ft long Reinforcement brace called a Strut.
    • Cracks will normally occur on the second panel from the ground, or the top panel were the electronic motor attaches to the door to open and close the door.
    • Are you installing a motor on the small door in your three-car garage, The top of the door will need a Strut to support the pulling pressure of the motor to keep it from folding in half like a taco!

    Bucking Garage Door

    • A loud bang half-way through the cycle of the door opening and closing is the sign of a garage door buckling.
    • A buckling garage door is caused by the door not being supported across the center of the door. The 2nd or 3rd panel will start to sag over time because the steel softens up and needs a Reinforcement that runs the width of the door.
    • A steel Strut 8ft-18ft will be placed across the door to help reinforce the buckling panel.

    If you are experiencing bucking, then Southwest Garage Door can help you with a cracked or damaged garage door repair.















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