We all know that things don’t always go according to plan, but no one wants to be stuck in their garage because of a broken spring. As the most crucial component of your garage door, Springs are prone to breaking or becoming unbalanced as a result of frequent use. Garage doors wear out with time and need to be re-tightened and maintained by a certified professional every 2-3 years.

The garage door spring provides the door with a complete counterweight. A garage door broken spring can easily make the door fall and cause significant injury if it breaks. If you know that your garage door spring is broken, keep the door closed and unlocked until you hire a professional garage door service.

While garage door springs out of balance are not immediately threatening, they can cause premature wear to your garage opener and other essential features. Garage door broken springs may necessitate additional maintenance and repairs in the future.

Signs That You Have a Broken Spring

Having a garage door broken spring is a very dangerous situation. It will be helpful if you keep an eye on the following warning signs:

  • Door cables seem to be broken: This is the most obvious sign. If you see any cable broken, avoid opening the garage door. It could fall off.
  • The top of the garage door is bent: Normally, garage doors will bend if you try to open them with a broken spring. If you see any dent in the top of your garage door, check the condition of the springs.
  • The door closes fast: A garage door is heavy. Without a spring that helps the opener to carry the load, the door will fall very fast when shutting.

These are some of the signs that indicate a garage door broken spring. A broken spring puts you and your family at risk. The garage door won’t stop closing if the sensors detect something or someone in its way, the door couldn’t open again, and in the worst case, the door may fall. 

What to Do When You Get a Spring Broken | Southwest Garage Doors

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