Do you know how much it costs to fix a garage door? It might be more than you think. If your sensor isn’t working, this blog post will teach you about all things related to garage door sensors so that when they inevitably break down, you’re ready!

What Are Some Common Garage Door Sensor Problems?

Garage door sensors experience a few problems throughout their lifetime; some of the most common issues include –

  • Obstructing objects on their path
  • Power supply issues
  • Not working garage door sensor lights
  • Sensor requires cleaning 
  • Exposure to excessive moisture
  • Incorrect alignment

How Can You Identify These Issues?

There are many ways to tell that your sensor isn’t working correctly. If the upper-most light is flashing red, that means that something has gone wrong with the wiring in some way, and it will need to be reset. If the light is on but you’re still having trouble opening and closing your door, then it’s a more severe problem that may involve replacing the sensor itself.

Risks Of Not Servicing Your Garage Door Sensors

If you don’t have your sensors inspected and fixed when necessary, there are a few risks that you’re taking. 

If the garage door safety sensors aren’t aligned correctly, they could cause your door to close too quickly and injure somebody or even damage your property. 

Lastly, having dirty or wet sensors can lead to the door not closing all the way, which could leave your home vulnerable to theft or bad weather.

How Long Do Garage Door Sensors Typically Last?

Garage door sensors usually last around five to seven years when they’re correctly taken care of. However, if you live in a very humid or dusty climate, they may not last as long.

Are Garage Door Sensors Easy To Replace?

Garage door sensors are relatively easy to replace. Still it’s always best to consult a professional before attempting the job yourself. The process will depend on the type of sensor you have.

Don’t Run The Risk Of Putting Your Security On The Line

If you sense that something is off with your garage door sensors, it’s best to call for professional help. Southwest Garage Doors is a trusted and reliable company providing garage door repairs, replacement, and installation at affordable prices.